Stranding Cover + Theft/ or Total Loss Insurance covers only TOTAL LOSS (damages will not be covered).

Full Cover Insurance – Vehicles must be less than 15 years old and in good condition.
– If the vehicle is less than 15 years old and has some damages, we canstillget Full Cover Insurance for the non-damaged parts.

Insuring Conditions:
– No cover for rust, oxidation, mold, scratching, denting, chipping of paint, bruising, discoloration, marring, and costs of repainting, electrical and/or mechanical derangement.This exclusion applies mostly when there is only paint damage (scratches mostly) and no other bigger damages. But for example if the door panel or the bumper is broken for example, then the insurance will pay for the repair/replacement including the paint cost
– Antique Vehicles always require a special request.

In general:
– There is always a 3% deductible over the vehicle’s value (minimum USD $250).
– There is no coverage for any land transport in (Coverage ends at the port/airport of entry): Africa and CIS, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Angola, Burma, Liberia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Zimbabwe.
– Insurance cannot be provided to the following countries (please note any countries sanctioned by the OFAC and/or embargoed by the UN must be also included on this list) Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Cuba.

Claims procedure
– If it is a claim below USD 2,000 then insurance will need the following:
– Pictures of the damages-An estimate for the repair
– A copy of the BL, invoice and claim letter sent to the shipping line, port or who damaged the vehicle.

If it is over USD 2,000 then we will need to send an inspector/surveyor (paid by the insurer) there at destination who will require all the documents mentioned above and will issue a Survey Report with the findings of his investigation (cause of damage, extension of loss, etc.).