Where to find order information?

General information – order details, photos, send a message to branch
Inspection – order arrival at warehouse inspection details
Services – order fees and invoices
Documents – order documents copies: Bill of sale, Title, etc
Edit – edit order information
Notes – messages and order notes
Order parts – request to buy parts
Loading details – sailing information, arrival times, bill of lading documents
Add on services – request additional services, moisture absorbers, car cover, etc
Insurance – add cargo insurance

How to Create an order?

VIN# – enter and click get vehicle info by VIN to decode Year/Make/Model
Sale origin: Auction/Dealer/Own
Lot No and Buyer No enter if sale origin is Auction
Trucking – Select transportation option for an order to the warehouse
Attach order bill of sale image
Final port – enter destination portIn transit to final destination – enter if order final destination not the same as Final port
ConsolidateYES – load order with others
NO – load only own orders
Consignee – select or enter order receiver information

How to change an order?

Edit order
Destination port
Consolidate YES/NO
Attach bill of sale
Send a message to branch

Hot to check shipping rates ?

Ocean freight rates
Inland transportation rates