Special Cargo Freight

Cargo comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes requires a special mode of transport as well as handling. ATLANTIC Express Corp. offers a range of special cargo freight services and ensure your cargo reaches the destination on time and in the cost-efficient way. Special cargo freight services are designed to carry over-sized cargo.

At Atlantc Express Corp. we provide:

  • In Gauge – transportation of cargo in Open Top containers;
  • Out of Gauge – transportation of cargo, that fits in one container unit, but requires special equipment for size and weight accommodation;
  • Break Bulk – cargo transportation in combined multiple Flat Rack containers that can accommodate over-sized or over-weight cargo.

The market of special cargo transportation requires the highest expertise.

Two decades of experience in shipping of a variety of cargoes, including over-sized and heavy, refrigerated and hazardous ones, rewarded us with the required expertise.

Let's talk and discuss the ways ATLANTIC Express Corp. can ship your cargo.

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